Contractors & Real Estate Agents Say These Inexpensive Things Will Improve the Look of Your Home Tenfold

If you want to arrange your space, it is better to consult the experts. And that’s why real estate agents and contractors let Bustle talk about anything they think will make your home look better, and there’s no need to completely tear down your walls because all of his recommendations are very good. market.

1.A garden glass bowl to make your fruit elegant


New York real estate expert Colleen Cassel highly recommends a fancy glass bowl for your fruit because it “adds color and is a beautiful table piece to add to your With its contemporary, wide, and low shape that is ideal for stacking citrus fruits, this bowl is the best choice for the kitchen. If you run out of fruit between shopping trips, you can put potpourri, flowers or decorative bulbs in this elegant centerpiece.

  1. These golden coat hooks will add a practical and glamorous decoration to your entrance


“Instead of keeping coats in a closet, hang decorative gold metal hooks,” suggests Cassel. These copper wall hooks are a minimalist option to add a luxurious touch to your entryway. They come in a pack of four, so you can decorate the wall with these durable hooks instead of buying wall art. Each can also hold up to 30 pounds if you want to hang your bags on this easy-to-install kit.

  1. A slim, unbreakable bathroom set for a composite counter


When it comes to giving your bathroom an uplifting feel, Cassel says, “Plastic bathroom holders for Q-tips, cotton balls, and soap add style and decor to a small space.” So pair these durable plastic apothecary bottles with your cutest towels, and your bathroom will look so well organized. They also have bamboo lids to keep your favorite cotton balls dry. Plus, this set comes with a toothbrush holder and soap dispenser, so everything on your counter will match.

  1. These fluffy silk flowers fill oversized empty vases


“Fake flowers add a decorative touch,” says Cassel. Flowers provide color to your couch or pillows. Additionally, you can modify it based on the time of year. The best part about these silk flowers is how big and full they are, so you won’t need a bunch of them to fill a tall vase on your coffee table. These hydrangeas are available in six colors and are finished with a plastic stem to keep them perfectly upright no matter what vase you place them in.

  1. This colorful candle doubles as a trendy décor piece.


In addition, Cassel advises picking up a scented candle since “it not only smells wonderful, but also gives a little colour to a counter.” This purple-hued lilac-scented candle gives a delightful touch of color that goes with every season. This colored wax burns for 100-150 hours and is combined with a natural fiber wick. It also comes in a glass jar with a matching lid to give this vibrant candle an even more elegant look.

  1. A machine washable botanical shower curtain that looks neat


“A beautiful botanical shower curtain will make your bathroom the best-dressed room in the house instead of just a place to go to the bathroom while looking at your phone says Richard Dixon, founder and COO of Team Emergency Plumber.

This shower curtain has lots of botanical details in 15 different colors while being clean enough to match your other bathroom decor. It has a watercolor design printed directly onto the machine washable and waterproof fabric.

  1. These cozy copper LEDs with lots of light effects.


Because they “light up nicely where you set them and keep the light gentle for a peaceful ambience,” Dixon also advises putting copper string lights all over your house. For added comfort and romance, this specific LED set provides a warm white light. The entire strand is 33 feet long, so they are highly versatile no matter where you want to add cozy lighting. Of course, you also get a remote control to switch between eight modes, such as dim, fade, flash and even flash.


  1. A classic tall glass vase to pair with garlands or flowers.


Where to put these garlands? By encasing the entire string of lights in transparent glass vases, I can create ‘luxury’ lights at a very low price. The end product is a very beautiful and unique lamp,” Dixon explains. This vase is perfect for filling with cozy string lights, Tall and simple enough to display on any table, and its wide shape makes filling the process easy. This unique design also allows you to quickly turn off the lights when picking up fresh flowers from the grocery store.

  1. A beeswax furniture polish that helps keep your home cleaner


“Most of the time, our homes look a bit shabby and dated because our furniture is dirty and has obvious marks,” says Kris Lippi, real estate agent and CEO of ISoldMyHouse. That’s why he recommends using beeswax, as it quickly repairs scratches and discoloration. Unscented beeswax is simply combined with olive oil and carnauba wax, so this non-toxic salve restores finished and unfinished wood while leaving a weather-resistant matte finish. water that looks great.

  1. These handy wood repair markers and wax sticks for filling in dents and scratches


“You may swiftly restore it with so-called repair markers,” advises Dixon, “if your wooden furniture is also exhibiting evident signs of wear.” “It can be used to cover dents, dings and stains in your wooden furniture that have developed over time.” This kit is the easiest option to help restore the most scrapped pieces, as it’s available in six popular colors to match all of your furniture.