Noida: A district official detains a builder for failing to pay investors’ debts.

Dinesh Pratap Singh, manager of Ansal Hitech Township, was detained by the Greater Noida District Authority as part of a large crackdown for allegedly neglecting to provide units to investors in his company.

Ansal Hitech Township has received roughly Rs 23.7 crore in investments. The company allegedly even refused to give the investors their investment money back. Following the residents’ concerns, the Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP RERA) took action.

The building company was told by UP RERA to reimburse the investors for their money. The court declared that a certificate of repossession will be issued against the builder if he disregards the court’s directives.

SDM Ankit Kumar detained the director at the district collector’s request. He was brought to Dadri’s hideout.