Strategy Optimisation for Real Estate Content Marketing in 2024

In 2023, the content will still reign supreme despite all that has changed in marketing and technology since the mid-1990s. No other kind of online or offline marketing can match the advantages that content marketing provides, which include endless diversification (written content, photographs, videos, etc.) as well as scalability and profitability.

I provide you with four recommendations in this article to help you improve your real estate marketing plan and increase outcomes while lowering expenditures.

  1. Take a holistic approach to SEO.

In the real estate sector, SEO has gotten increasingly complex and sophisticated, and this trend is anticipated to continue in 2023. To rank on the first page of Google today, it is no longer sufficient to publish a few hundred words expressing your ideas on a hot topic.

The quality, originality, and freshness of the material, as well as the technical requirements of their websites and the technical arrangement of the content, are instead important SEO components and criteria that digital real estate marketers must take into account.

Along with obtaining natural, high-authority backlinks and pertinent websites, factors like selecting the proper images that truly provide value are also becoming more crucial.

  1. Update the written content.

The current emphasis on topicality and correctness of the material in real estate content marketing is another new trend that I intend to foster even more this year. Even if search engines favour evergreen content, which is vital, it is insufficient to produce content today and neglect it for years.

On the other hand, Google and other search engines increasingly encourage permanently updated information. Even if they previously performed well, articles that haven’t changed in a few years are sometimes overlooked since they are seen as being out of date.

  1. Make use of short-form videos.

Regardless of how we feel about TikTok and the content that is shared there, there is no denying that this site has altered how videos are made and promoted. TikTok, which has more than a billion active monthly users, did more than YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to lay the basis for the short-term video explosion.

  1. Reuse content.

Repurposing material is one more thing you can do to improve your real estate marketing approach in 2023. This refers to republishing previously developed information in a different format and frequently on a different platform. For example, you could create a movie from a blog post or an infographic from a video.

Last words

No matter whether you are in the real estate industry—a broker, agent, developer, property manager , or investor—content marketing is still a strong technique to use in 2023. Despite how fiercely competitive the real estate marketing industry appears to be this year, I am confident that if you follow the four simple recommendations given above, you will be successful.