The estate agent is tricked by a YouTuber into allowing the person to poop in a £10 million flat

The British YouTuber Max Fosh, who persuaded an estate agent to let him poop in a condo valued at over £10 million, is one of those occasions when we can’t believe the news we have to write. to be in power.

Fosh, who previously gained attention for his altercation with renowned anti-vaxxer Laurence Fox in the 2021 London mayoral election and mistaking travelers arriving at Gatwick for a “Welcome to Luton” sign, claimed once more that he was duped by a pricey apartment break-in merely to download.

Fosh admitted on his YouTube channel that it might have been “the dumbest thing I’ve ever done” and that the inspiration for it came to him as he was “doing my ablution” (washing up, for the non-natives).

When the super-rich leave their sacred place, what happens to them? I wondered. I was intrigued for that reason, he said.

Fosh convinced a friend named Molly to go with her after learning from a friend in the real estate business that real estate agents only need to “pass the vibe check” before scheduling a showing. become his assistant and move in with him. work at a family office.

She would use her full name, Po Enya Holmes, instead of Molly when chatting on the phone, which would raise the absurdity to a new level.

It is a true “poo in your house” pun, and it is clever.

Surprisingly, it was successful, and the appointment was set for 12:30 p.m. on the following day. The only issue was that Molly discovered her name wasn’t Po Enya Holmes when she checked that she was dialling her WhatsApp number.

“Molly had to rename her WhatsApp number to Po Enya Holmes while she was still on the phone. You can see that we are experts,” Fosh continued.

The content creator introduced himself to the estate agent in the building’s lobby and said that while he “doesn’t need poo right now,” a “shining hand of God” presents itself. The “ideal occasion” was a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

He acknowledged, “The bean juice works.”

Nice to know.

Fosh began her search for “the nicest bathroom” to play her “very personal battleship game” after circling the area and making additional poop puns.

In the end, he chose a bathroom with a sizable window that overlooked the London skyline and the Shard. Additionally, he intended to pack toilet paper.

I didn’t have much time, Fosh continued. Our property buddy was to be distracted by [bodyguard] Steve, who was below, by asking a tonne of questions and being scary.

So there I was, 60 stories high, watching my stand-up special while perched on a porcelain throne, dropping a cookie into a basket. We made a few manoeuvres before taking off.