The perfect house that you just viewed might have had ChatGPT write the real estate listing.

As agents around the nation use ChatGPT to create emails and real estate listings, realtors sit back and let the AI do the talking.

Since it was made available to the general public two months ago, the Viral AI ChatGPT chatbot has been making news in a variety of industries, including tech and journalism. Artificial intelligence software is becoming more and more common, and as a result, individuals are coming up with ever-more inventive uses for it, such as crafting poetic descriptions for real estate listings.

An advertisement on Zillow for a four-bedroom house in Iowa states that it includes a “beautiful gas fireplace, spacious living room, and large family room on the lower level.”

According to CNN, Iowa real estate agent JJ Johannes listed multiple properties with the aid of AI, including this one.

It reportedly allowed Johannes to save a significant amount of time. “While it’s not ideal, it’s a respectable beginning. Being a technology expert, writing something interesting takes time. As a result, it became considerably simpler.

On Twitter, Johannes praised AI and encouraged other real estate salespeople who wanted to sharpen their writing to use the technology. He played a video on the website that was ChatGPT-produced, describing a three-bedroom house using clich├ęs like “open floor plan” and “recently remodeled.”

He made the statement on in the video, “I can use something like that for a newsletter or a social media post or whatever.” And that’s just the beginning of what ChatGPT can achieve, he added.

Some industry analysts think artificial intelligence (AI) is soon becoming the norm as technology becomes a tool for real estate brokers.

Even while it might not be using ChatGPT, I think a similar kind of artificial intelligence will have a big impact on how we work and live in the future. CNN was informed by Matt Kreamer, the gatekeeper, about Zillow.

According to CNN, brokers are increasingly using AI. According to CNN, Miami broker Andres Asion even modified the emails using technology to emphasise obligations and potential legal repercussions.

Asian told CNN that ChatGPT assisted him in rewriting an email to unresponsive developers on behalf of a woman who was unable to open the windows in her home; he added that the developers only replied once. after generating an email using AI that describes the hazards associated with developer accountability.

He was cited by CNN as stating, “ChatGPT wrote it off as a legal matter and all of the sudden the developer came up at her house.”

Asion informed CNN that the price will remain the same even if ChatGPT switched from being free to a paid service.