Contractors & Real Estate Agents Say These Inexpensive Things Will Improve the Look of Your Home Tenfold

1.A garden glass bowl to make your fruit elegant

2. These golden coat hooks will add a practical and glamorous decoration to your entrance $22

3. A slim, unbreakable bathroom set for a composite counter $14

4. These fluffy silk flowers fill oversized empty vases $19

5. This colorful candle doubles as a trendy decor piece. $17

6. A machine washable botanical shower curtain that looks neat $20

7. These cozy copper LEDs with lots of light effects. $12

8. A classic tall glass vase to pair with garlands or flowers. $14

9. A beeswax furniture polish that helps keep your home cleaner $17

10. These handy wood repair markers and wax sticks for filling in dents and scratches $10